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Payroll Features

Ultimate payroll operations encompass a comprehensive range of functionalities that facilitate efficient and accurate payroll management within an organization.

  • Attendance Report
  • Leave Application
  • Mail Intimations
  • Manual Attendance
  • Hiring Process

Core Features

Experience the core features of our ultimate HR and payroll management system, designed to simplify and optimize your HR processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Experience faster and more efficient HR and payroll processes with our ultimate hr and payroll management system.


Optimize your HR and payroll operations with our ultimate hr and payroll management system, offering a cost-effective solution for your organization.

User Friendly

Experience the ultimate user-friendly HR and payroll management system designed to simplify your processes.


Attendance Report

Generates detailed and insightful reports that provide a comprehensive overview of employee attendance patterns, including attendance records, late arrivals, early departures, and absences, enabling data-driven decision-making and facilitating effective workforce management and planning.

Leave Application

The Leave Application option in the ultimate HR system simplifies and automates the process of requesting and managing employee leave, allowing employees to submit leave applications, track leave balances, and receive timely approvals, ensuring streamlined leave management and efficient workforce planning.

Mail Intimations

Email Notifications feature provides Intimations for managers with approval links embedded within the email.

Appraisal and Notice

The Appraisal and Notice option in the ultimate HR system enables streamlined and efficient management of employee performance appraisals and issuance of notices.

Manual Attendance

The Manual Attendance allows for the manual recording and management of employee attendance data.

Shift Allocation

Shift allocation involves creating shift templates, allocating shifts to employees, and obtaining shift allocation approvals.

Weekly off

Weekly off allocation ensures equitable distribution of rest days.

Hiring Process

The hiring process encompasses a comprehensive workflow that facilitates efficient and effective recruitment.

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